Change Your Mood with Yellow

Do you ever wake up feeling blah….or in a mood you just can’t shake? I certainly have had my share of these morning funks and who knows what causes them – bad dreams, negative thoughts on your mind as you drift off, watching the news before you sleep, a fight with your man – so many possibilities!!

I have been using a ritual that is incredibly easy, clears this energy, creates a joyful space and totally WORKS!!! Whooohooo – and I am soooo going to share it with you because life is precious life and you deserve to enjoy every minute!

To get started immediately here’s what you do:

1) Light a white candle for 2 hrs and ask that all disappointment be burned up and purified

2) Light a yellow candle for joy or a pink candle for love or (or both) for another couple of hours. Why not? Everyone can use a heavy dosing of these two powerful vibrations:-)

That’s all it takes to shift your mood – pinky swear! So get yourself to a candle shop today and get happy and harmonious now. Or you can order online – a friend of mine gave me this site for soy candles and says they are awesome!

Try it and let me know how it affects you – love to know! xoxo Sherri