Bra Color: What won the poll?

It’s unanimous! I recently polled thousands of women on their favorite bra color and the response was overwhelmingly…BLACK! I have to say I was a little surprised – I was expecting a passionate color to take the lead but the majority revealed black as their #1 choice for feeling sexy and alluring.

Romantic red was runner-up…

I did a little research on your color choices and discovered that black is the color to wear when you want to look extremely sexy but at the same time highly romantic...

Red is the hottest color, making your man wild with desire. It’s a tempting and dramatic color – worn when you want the night to be filled with passion and crazy love-making.

Black and red are indeed the most popular lingerie choices along with white!  I would also invite you to venture out and choose some enticing bra’s to match your eyes. If you want more information on this click here.

Before the 1920’s white was your only color choice – can you imagine? How about giving a prayer of pleasurable gratitude to be living now, a time that offers so much more choice for your sensual self expression.

Always keep in mind that it’s that special something about YOU that makes you sexy, not the lingerie.

Thank you ladies for sharing your “intimate” secrets with me!