Body Language – Do Your Eyes Have It?

What does your body language say about you?

Did you know you can either attract or repel with your body movements? Yes we are always sending messages, consciously and unconsciously with our body language. The trick is to know how to use it to your advantage. And this is so important whether you are wanting a relationship or IN a relationship.

So, together with one of my dearest gal pals, Lori Robinson, image & wardrobe consultant who has not only dressed some of Hollywood’s most famous faces but is a 4 time emmy nominated costume designer we have created a series of video’s focusing on one body part at a time.

In the first of our series we’ll reveal what the “eyes” express – what vibes are you sending out with  every look that you give?

Would love your comments after you watch the video – simply go below and click comments and share your “eye” language “aha’s”…