Ask Yourself This Life Changing Question

Now perhaps more than ever as our world is experiencing a pandemic health crisis and events, schools and places are being rescheduled, canceled or closed it’s an eye-opening opportunity to see what you are committed to. Take a minute and think about it, because everyone is committed to something.

Get honest and ask yourself a hugely important question, “What am I committed to – faith or fear?”

And hey, you may be thinking, times are scary and life is a struggle and that’s not negative, it’s simply the Truth. I get it – I used to think the same way. Until I stopped and made an honest assessment of ALL the results I was experiencing. That was a wake-up call because what I realized is how you do one thing is how you do everything! As I lived in fear and struggle, more things showed up to be fearful of, more struggles popped up and it was a continuous cycle.

It became clear I wasn’t living in faith…trusting that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order, and EVERYTHING is good, even if it doesn’t appear to be in the moment. Trusting that God is up there orchestrating it all for our highest good. The moment I really got this miraculous thing started showing up in my life.

The thing is even if you think you are committed to living a big happy life – if your dreams and goals are not becoming realities there is something – a belief, a fear, an assumption, a way of thinking that you are unknowingly committed to that is blocking you from feeling safe and peaceful and manifesting what you say you desire. Literally taking you in the opposite direction of your dreams.

That’s important because you know how it is to be committed – you’re ALL in, right?

And that’s GREAT when it’s a faith-based belief that serves you, but what about those fear-based beliefs that limit you? The truth is every belief, whether supportive or sabotaging wants to be right. As a matter of fact, they inspire behaviors that create results to prove they are right. That could show up as stuckness, unfairness, being broke, things not going your way, men leaving you, cheating on you, constant chronic illness – you name it- it’s a programming that keeps you in a vicious frustrating cycle.

The key is to find out what the commitments are that are wreaking havoc on your life and reframe them – so that they can become healthy, nourishing, positive commitments that will feed your soul and produce peace and happiness.

Here’s how you break those vicious cycles:

#1 Commit to filling your mind with faith-based beliefs

#2 Pay attention to your thoughts -if you notice you always think life is hard, you are committed to things being difficult. If you routinely worry about your abilities or competency you are committed to not being enough. If you stay on the sidelines and under the radar you might be committed to being invisible.

#3 Reframe your limiting thoughts – think a new empowering thought like “life is easy,” or “I am more than capable, who I am and what I say matters,” or “it’s safe to be seen,” or “with God all things are possible,” or “I trust God is guiding me to the best outcome or greatest opportunity even if I can’t see it now.”

#4 Take action – do the opposite of what you normally do. In meetings or group situations if you normally sit on the sidelines quietly, be the first to voice your opinion. If you normally back away feeling resistant to committing to something that would help you reach your goal – commit!

#5 Make a declaration right here, right now to commit to behavior that serves your desire! If it’s scary you know you’ve hit gold – jump in! Have Faith!

#6 Commit to being good to others, kind to everyone (even if they are unkind to you), give without remembering, take without forgetting.

This is so doable! All you have to do is make the decision to commit to Faith-based beliefs that will fulfill you and expand your life and ultimately bring you more happiness and love:)).

And the good news is, it’s easy! It’s just as easy to commit to a good thought/behavior as a bad thought/behavior.

What will you commit to now? The choice is yours!

Sparkling Love,



  1. Robert Sutherland March 15, 2020 at 7:15 am

    So very helpful, thank you!