Are you willing to be free?

As the Fourth of July approaches, one particular value comes to mind: freedom. It’s a BIG one for me – one of my core values…How about you? Many of us claim to want freedom, but we don’t always allow ourselves to be free. 

I encourage you to ask yourself, “am I willing to be free?”

Free from anxiety, fear, limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, and the opinions of others?

Are you willing to unleash your soul magnificence and express your Truth? Are you ready to permit yourself to express yourself? To trust there is a power far greater than you orchestrating the best and highest outcome for you?

We live in the “Land of the Free,” yet so many of us aren’t enjoying personal freedoms. 

Are you ready to make a declaration to live fully into your vibrant, beautiful essence? Imagine yourself relaxed, confident, sparkling – see yourself walking in glittering sunshine! Can you imagine how this would impact your life and those around you? Woweeee!

We have the power to create this shimmering life and more… so why don’t we? What holds us back?

If you are like most women, the biggest thing that holds us back is fear and worry. Research shows the #1 belief that limits us is…”I’m not enough”. We worry that others will laugh at us, judge us, not like or love us. This anxiety can often paralyze us and keep us stuck; we miss out on opportunities that could close the gap between where we are and becoming the free, vibrant, fully ALIVE and magnificent women we want to be!

If this is you, are you tired of these life-sucking constraints? Has enough been enough yet?

If you are done living as a shell of yourself, I have a challenge for you. 

The challenge is this: for the next week, focus on reframing those beliefs that limit expansion and keep you from becoming your most divine, free, and sparkling self.

Open Up a Corner of Your Mind.

When Napoleon Hill was researching his seminal work, The Laws of Success, which would later become Think and Grow Rich, he had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie told Hill that he wanted him to look in the mirror every day and tell himself that he would surpass Carnegie in wealth.

To Hill that was preposterous. Carnegie was the wealthiest man in the world! But he did it. For weeks, Hill looked into the mirror and repeated the mantra that Carnegie had given him. Hill said that at first, he could barely look at himself. But by the third week, there was a little corner of his mind that started believing it was possible.

Reimagine What’s Possible for Yourself

One of my clients (I’ll call her Sandra), believed there was a glass ceiling in her industry she could not break through. She wanted to make more money and have a flexible schedule to spend more time with her daughters, but she had convinced herself that her boss would never say yes to either.

We worked on her vision of what it would look and feel like living that life. Next, we discovered the beliefs that didn’t support her vision. We reframed her thoughts, replacing the beliefs that did not serve her with new beliefs that supported her vision. Lastly, she had to take action by talking to her boss, and it went wonderfully! Sandra ended up with higher pay than anyone in her industry and the flexible work schedule she’d wanted!

How to Begin Reframing Your Beliefs

If you’re ready to free yourself from the beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your heart’s desire, these tips can help.

1. Create a vision. Your mind thinks in pictures, so you need to see your dreams vividly to believe they’re possible.

2. Look at the fears or thoughts in conflict with that vision. Identify them, name them and then reframe them with new empowering thoughts. One way to do this is with mirror work. Just like Napoleon Hill, look in the mirror every day and speak your new beliefs out loud.

3. Have the courage to act. At some point, you will need to take action and do something you may have never done before. Even though my client created new beliefs, she was still nervous and anxious about talking to her boss, but she faced that fear and did it anyway.

Remember, no matter what the outcome, you win. If it works out, fantastic! If it doesn’t, hold the belief that this is what it looks like on the way to achieving your dreams. This belief will move you forward energetically and support you on the road to building your best, most sparkling life!

If you don’t think you can believe it for yourself, let me believe it for you. I have had the privilege of supporting women achieve their dreams for over 13 years now and have seen some incredible transformations. Whenever you’re ready to unleash your inner sparkle, I’ll be cheering you on!

Sparkling love,

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