Are you waiting on a miracle?

Are you waiting on a miracle?

I have an amazing story of hope and healing to remind you that miracles do happen, and they can happen for you too.

In this interview, I spoke with entrepreneur, author, and coach Gen Stoney.

Gen is a former client of mine. She came to me after being betrayed by her husband. She had a long history of self-hatred, alcohol addiction, and sexual trauma. After hitting rock bottom, Gen decided to make a change. But it wasn’t smooth sailing from there; Gen’s journey to change started off rocky, and with marital issues thrown into the mix, she finally decided that it was time to recruit the support and guidance she needed. She chose to invest in herself and turn toward the Divine love she suddenly felt taking root in her life.

Today, Gen lives a happy and fulfilling life as a wife, mother, and successful businesswoman. She’s on a mission to help as many women as possible by “turning her hot mess into her message.”

Gen leaves you with this nugget of wisdom: “Believe in yourself, believe in that divine power within you, and know that you have the power to do, have, and be whatever it is that you want; regardless of where you’re at now.”

In Love,

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