Are you the leading lady of your life?

Are you the leading lady of your life? You absolutely should be, but so often, women find themselves acting as the understudy, afraid or unconditioned to step into their greatness, living their life for others, and letting labels like “being a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend” define their role in life.

Alternatively, when you embrace your role as the leading lady, you stop living an externalized life and let go of seeking outside validation…A miraculous thing happens when you choose to source your power from within…(where your real power lay by the way – I call it your Diamond Power) and embody your True Essence…you garner gumption, self-respect, and confidence.

Living as a leading lady, as opposed to an understudy, largely depends on your attitude. To think and act like a leading lady, you must master your mindset.

4 Steps to Keep Your Mindset Focused in a Positive Direction That Supports Your Authentic Self:

1. Start each morning by making the conscious decision to approach the day with inner strength and confidence in your abilities.

2. Set your intention to hold life-affirming thoughts all day because they will lead you to your highest good.

3. Create a vision for the day. Visualize yourself responding to life with ease and grace and receiving abundant blessings.

4. Be aware of your thoughts. When you notice them wandering into the dark, reel them back into the light.

Now is the time to explore and expand without judgment! Let your leading lady shine and take control of your story.

If you want to learn more about adjusting your attitude and embodying the leading lady persona, there is a whole chapter dedicated to it in my free ebook Sexy and Sparkling After 40.

I challenge you to get curious and flush out the various unique facets of your leading lady!

Sparkling Love,