Are You Chasing Shadow Freedom?

Do you want to feel significant, important, honored, and seen? Do you want to be noticed and praised? Do you want to feel like you matter, like your life matters? Of course, you do, we all do!!

These are often the desires that lead us to chase freedom.

The problem is that many of us are chasing shadow freedom, not true freedom.

You might be asking, what the heck is shadow freedom? Well, just as any object projects a shadow in its likeness, freedom also has a shadow. What you need to know though, is that shadow freedom takes the shape of freedom, but there is no actual freedom there.

Shadow freedom pursues freedom at the expense of others.

It fuels the “dog eat dog world,” where people are more competitive than collaborative, more self-consumed than other-oriented.

All of our efforts to fill ourselves up, leave us empty and void shells of humanity.

The shadow freedom is an obstacle to true freedom.

True freedom comes when you are connected to your Light, to the All That Is/ Divine love, or what I call your Diamond Power. Your Diamond Power is your source of strength, confidence, and courage. This is where you have true freedom.

When you connect with true freedom, you will find yourself less concerned with your own interests and more concerned with the interests of others. You will feel so full of love and light that you will pour out your love and light onto others. The irony and the greatest gift of living this way? As you empty yourself in the service of all living creatures, God will continue to fill you up with more glory than you could ever imagine.

When we try to fill ourselves up on our own, we end up enslaved by shadow freedom, empty and void. When we cultivate a relationship with God and look to the infinite power to fill us up, we are filled with more glory, love, and light than we could ever imagine, overflowing to the benefit of all those around us.

True freedom exists when we are connected to our Diamond Power.

Are you ready to feel strong, confident, and courageous? Are you ready to be full of love and light?

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Stop enslaving yourself to the shadow freedom and open yourself up to receive all the goodness in this world.

Sparkling Love,
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