Ageless Love: Embracing Radiance and Renewal After 50

Just dropping a note to chat about something close to my heart… love and letting go.

You know, love has this magical way of finding its path to us when we create space for it. It’s like tidying up a room before guests arrive – you make room for them, right? Love works the same way. When we release the clutter of negativity and hurt, we make space for love to stroll right in.

I get it, though. Sometimes it feels like love belongs solely in the realm of the heart, but its journey starts in our thoughts. Ever notice how a single unkind word or action can set off a whole chain reaction of emotions? It’s like a ripple effect, spreading through our mind and heart.

Remember that time when someone’s words stung, and you couldn’t shake off the hurt? I’ve been there too. Just the other day, I was reflecting on an old disagreement with my sister, and it hit me – holding onto hurtful moments only pushes love farther away.

It’s wild how our minds can become tangled in beliefs that we’re not lovable. But here’s the scoop: when we cling onto those beliefs, we’re essentially blocking love’s path. Crazy, right?

But here’s the truth: we hold the power to shift that narrative. It starts with awareness and consistent choices. Picture this: there’s a tug-of-war between the part of you longing for love and the part dwelling in hurt. Every decision you make is a battle won by one side or the other.

The real kicker is realizing you have more say in this game than you might think. Love is abundant, just waiting for us to invite it in.

Ready for a little challenge? 

Let’s spend the next week tuning into what grabs our attention and giving love the upper hand. We’ll bid farewell to those thoughts that weigh us down and welcome in ones that lift us up with this powerful 4 word question…..


I have a feeling you’re up for it – you’ve got that hunger for harmony in your eye! 

Comment with a  “YES I”M IN”  or share your journey with me. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

With love,

PS – Calling all women over 50! Are you ready to embrace love in its fullest form? Click here for a serene love meditation designed specifically for you. Let’s cultivate deep connections, inner peace, and a renewed sense of self. This promises to be a beautiful journey of self-discovery and love. 🌹