7 Ways to Build Your Confidence

We’re in the last quarter of the year, AND the decade!!! No matter where you are at today you can still make this your best year yet!!!

That said, there is a wonderful tool you can use to help you do this with more ease and grace. Today I was reflecting on this tool – it’s Divine inner nudges – you know the ones – the soft and gentle whispers within that hope to get your attention to make your life easier.

Do you listen to that voice?

If you’re anything like me, the answer truthfully is not always. And the times I haven’t listened, I could kick myself! And the times I have….ah well, there is always some kind of magic waiting for me.

I’m reminded of a time in the beginning of my career as an author and coach that I had a “feeling” to go to the Women’s Journey Conference. Not only did I end up sitting next to Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times best-selling author) but we did an interactive exercise together where we shared our mission and stood for each other.

I have to be honest, initially I was shy and nervous to be voicing my mission to this world renowned transformational leader – but I gathered my courage and told her my dream and guess what? She didn’t laugh or look at me with disbelief. She fully embraced and supported me in my dream. In that moment the difference in where we were in our level of accomplishment disappeared and we were just two women sharing our vision and longings Soul to Soul- it was beautiful, real and authentic.

That was a wonderful gift and lesson for me. Sometimes we feel like, who am I to have such a big bold dream? But the truth is, we are all here for a Divine purpose and the world is waiting for you to show up and own your dream. So what is your dream? And what is holding you back from fully going for it?

Over the years I’ve had many conversations with women who are “waiting” to take their bold move. Most express they don’t yet have the confidence or want to get some weight off, or don’t feel good about themselves and how they present. And they have this idea that if they only had this magnetism, this irresistible essence it would be easier.

I get it. I totally get it. Going for it can be terrifying.

But if you don’t, isn’t leaving this planet without going for your dream even more terrifying?

It was for me. So I thought about some things that always help me take those scary first steps in hopes they will inspire you to go for your dream too because the world needs YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS!!

7 Ways to feel more confident and irresistible:

1. Get out and move.
Simply putting on a pair of sneakers and walking for 30 minutes a day will clear your head of any bad juju as well as get your blood flowing AND give your skin a rosy glow to boot! Nobody can resist a bright smile and positive energy!

2) Participate and contribute.
Nothing is more attractive than someone who believes deeply and passionately about their mission or cause and devotes her time and energy to it. This may be a love of animals, helping the homeless, cleaning up the environment or taking great care of your family or, or, or!!! So get involved and follow your passion! It it’s animals, check out your local animal shelter for volunteer opportunities, or if your passion is to help those in need, spend a few hours a week at a local shelter or local soup kitchen. Filling yourself up with purpose is a great way to grow as a person and will also increase your level of feeling good about yourself!

3. Know that who you are is enough.
There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows she’s beautiful from the inside out. Knows that who she is, at her core, is worthy of all that her heart desires! Buying into the media messages that promote image rather than substance undermines your self-esteem and further sabotages your self-image. Own that you are as valuable as a diamond:)

4. Have more fun.
Opening up to playfulness frees the creative expression of your soul and brings to life your charisma, magnetic charm and vibrancy. Not only does having fun ignite your inner feminine essence (giving you a glow money can’t buy), it also opens you up to idea’s that you haven’t been able to access due to worry and anxiety. And according to Harvard studies when you are in playful energy you are present which allows you to connect with others at a deeper level because they FEEL you. You are very attractive to higher quality opportunities when you engage in fun! Get playing love!!!

5. Be interested.
One of the #1 needs people have is to be heard and appreciated. Dale Carnegie talks about the value of listening to others in his work as being crucial to connection so get into the habit of being on the receiving end by developing your listening skills and showing a genuine curiosity in what others have to say. When they feel that they are being heard, understood, supported and maybe even challenged by your questions, not only will they feel like YOU are one of the most interesting people they’ve met, they’ll feel a bond, a connection and a relationship is born.

6. Do what you love.
When you’re engaged in activities you love and feel good doing, you exude self-confidence, authenticity, and radiance. Don’t use your circumstances or weight as an excuse to hide from the world and stop living because then you lose your sense of empowerment. One of my mentors liked to say we all have circumstances don’t let your circumstances have you!! So get out and engage in activities you enjoy! This will make you feel more alive and confident.

7. Listen to those inner nudges.
Get familiar with the voice of the Divine – it’s soft, gentle and will always give you inspired, kind and loving ideas. If you are hearing a shout or something negative this is not God (or the Universe or The Infinite, whatever you call this Higher Power) talking to you. It’s your ego – Edging God Out!! The voice of Love is never punishing or critical or judgemental – it’s always supportive, kind and compassionate -that’s the voice you want to listen to:))

Once you hear it, if an action isn’t clear, ask what action to take and then TAKE IT!!! You will be soooo glad you did. This is your secret super power that will make your life so much easier and save you time, suffering and often money.

Now, you can confidently bring yourself into the moment without any thoughts or insecurities that take away from your natural sparkling self!

I challenge you to be bold and take a stand for your dream today so that a year from now you aren’t saying, “If only I had started a year ago.”

Sparkling Love,