7 Tips for Self-Love

Are you practicing self-love on a daily basis to honor all that you are? It seems like such a no brainer doesn’t it? Surprisingly when coaching clients, talking with family and friends and living my own life reminders are essential! You get busy, you get distracted, you minimize your accomplishments, you let your limiting patterns run your life and you forget to fawn over YOU!

Follow these 7 tips to fall head over heels in love with YOU:

1) Write yourself a love letter. I mean really gush all over you. You are digging for your diamonds here so get out your pick, put on your mining hard hat and start excavating. If this is hard for you or you draw a blank ask a good friend or family member to help you discover your dazzle.

2) Combat the critics. Ah yes, the stealth committee of your mind—always at your service to run you over the coals. When they show up en force simply say, “Thank you for sharing, but no thanks! I choose to live with brilliance not bullying.”

3) Speak your truth—at all times, no matter what. Even if you think the conversation will be hard, show up with honesty and come from love. This honors who you are as well as the recipient.

4) Practice self-care. Listen to your body and take care of your needs! Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, get a massage, indulge in a mani pedi, exercise, and kick any destructive habits/addictions like alcohol, drugs, and food abuse. You may need a village to help you and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to reach out—you are worth it! There is plenty of support waiting to help you shine.

5) Accept yourself—no matter what your race, color, height, weight or gender, just accept the facts. You cannot change these things. If you don’t accept them you will cripple yourself—let go of what you cannot change and choose to celebrate instead.

6)Find evidence that supports how wonderful you are!
Every day you are going to be faced with situations that challenge your state of being, but when you understand that your heart inherently holds the blueprint for love, joy and happiness and all you have to do is tune in you’ll discover you’re not so burdened when things go awry. And ultimately, when you fall in love with YOU, the world will too!

7) Celebrate your accomplishments!! Toast them with a friend or your partner, buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a massage – do something to make a big deal of what you’ve done. I just had this conversation with a client of mine – when you minimize your winnings that’s sending a message that you aren’t grateful for these gifts. It’s also not very loving to yourself – you’ve worked hard so take time to high five yourself instead of being the tyrannical task master!

Follow these tips, learn to love yourself and watch your world change in a delicious and dreamy way! xo


  1. Judy Herbst April 25, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I am glad that you told us to love our selves and take care of our selves. I don’t do it and I should and will be doing more of this for myself. Thanks again for this information. Judy

    Have a wonderful and fantastic day!!!!!

    1. Sherri June 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm

      So glad it helped you Judy! Loving Self is the starting point for loving others….:))