6 Steps for Successful Communication

Are you tired of conversations that are always in conflict?

Do you keep talking about the same issue over and over again without ever agreeing on a solution?

Are you ready to be free of frustrating and combative conversations?

If you answered “yes,” I have a solution for you! (Watch the video.)

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6 Steps for Successful Communication

Based on the Work of Dr. Gay Hendricks

Begin the conversation by letting the other person know that the purpose of this conversation is to evolve your relationship because you love and care about them. Then follow these six steps.

1. Present the facts about what happened. Do not assign any blame!

2. Share how it made you feel. “It made me feel ______.”

3. State what you would have loved to happen instead. “Instead, I would have loved if _______.”

4. Ask the other person if they are okay with that? If they are, you have reached an agreement.

5. If they’re not okay with it, allow them to share their side of the story and actively listen to them.

6. If you did not reach an agreement in steps 4 or 5, start over.

Sparkling Love,

PS – Want to learn more about successful communication? Check out this short video where I discuss these steps and more.