6 Rules for Successful Communication

Last week, I gave you a 6-step solution for successful communication so you can be free of those frustrating and combative conversations. Did you give it a try?

This week, I bring you the second part to that solution: 6 rules for successful communication. (Watch the video.)

6 Rules for Successful Communication

Based on the Work of Dr. Gay Hendricks

Begin the conversation by letting the other person know that the purpose of this conversation is to evolve your relationship because you love and care about them. Then follow these six steps.

  1. Invite the other person to experiment with you: to use these 6 steps and 6 rules to communicate with each other over the next __ days. (You can assign any amount of time you would like; Dr. Hendricks suggests 90 days.)
  2. No name-calling.
  3. No labeling. (For example, don’t say something like “You’re insensitive.”)
  4. Don’t bring up the past.
  5. Exclude the words “always” and “never.”
  6. No hitting below the belt.

The best way to follow these rules is to replace these habits with more constructive ways of communicating your thoughts. Make sure to check out the video for examples of effective ways to share what you are thinking and more in-depth explanations of these rules.

Sparkling Love,

PS – Did you miss part one? You can watch it here. You can also read about the 6 Steps for Successful Communication on the blog.