5 Steps to Radiate a Sexy Charisma

We are in the month of gratitude! Loooove this month! One of my lifetime gratitude’s is to my book coach Patrick Snow (in the pic above with me @ my book launch party). Without his brilliant advice and guidance I wouldn’t have published my book, Sexy and Sparkling after 40, which shares my SPARKLE System- the foundation of the work I’m privileged to share with women all over the world!

My clients bring me a joy that is priceless. I am forever grateful to be part of their journey back to wholeness and Self.

The most common complaint I hear as a coach from women over 40 is that they’ve lost themselves. They’ve lived their life for everyone else and when they look in the mirror – the image looking back at them is tired and stressed. The spark is gone from their eye and they want it back!!

Hey I can totally relate, it happened to me.

How about you? Do you feel like somewhere along the way you lost yourself?

If so, don’t feel bad, because you are not alone. Millions of women all over the world are waking up to the reality that they have a deep desire to feel whole and happy again – to get back their sparkle – to find their joy, to feel empowered.

What I’ve discovered over the last 10 years of working with women is that there’s a common theme: in the process of doing what we think is going to please others: career, romantic relationship, kids, being a good mom, daughter, sister and friend – we pretzel to make everyone else happy. Ending up feeling stressed and exhausted.

Watch this video for a 5 step proven solution.

I recently had a conversation with a male friend about this very topic. We discussed how men are attracted to women who are confident and living a life they love.

He reflected on his romantic experiences…sharing this insight: as his relationships progressed there was a tendency for the woman to change. She often gave up a part of herself to cater to his needs or children’s needs (of course you will want to give to them – we are talking about giving in excess), running herself ragged and forgoing the things that used to bring her soul joy.…consequently becoming a very different woman than she was when they met …this is how she starts to lose herself… and this is how relationships begin to unravel.

As I mentioned above this has been brought to the forefront time and time again over the years as an “aha” for the women I coach. Perhaps you can relate to this?

If so, the solution is a successful 5-step process you can put into action immediately.

Click on the video above to get back your sparkling, joyful, vibrant Self pronto!

Sparkling Love,


I could go on and on about how your course has helped me ENJOY every day with a BRIGHT, POSITIVE, DAZZLING outlook on life. The positive energy I am creating is spilling over into my relationships with everyone. Even strangers are friendlier and kinder! My life is no longer a list of chores but an endless joyful event. The future looks great! Thanks, Sherri. I highly recommend your course to anyone who feels that “something is missing” in their life.
~ Donna from Delaware


  1. Anuradha November 17, 2019 at 7:02 am

    Loved this. I’m going to bed at 9 PM every night. I will drink 1 glass of water every hour. I will take a 10 minute exercise break every hour. I will bring my diamond sparkle light into my every moment of life. I will give myself infinite self love. I will understand my true worth is in my light