5 Mistakes That Could End Your Relationship

5 Mistakes that Lead to DivorceAre you asking yourself, how did it get to this point? Especially since the day you got married it seemed like you had the world at your feet! Weren’t you so full of hope and excitement for the future? Seriously how often have you seen an engaged couple head to the alter with anything less than enthusiasm, bubbling with expectation of their happily ever after?

So, what happens when the honeymoon phase is over?

After having countless conversations and coaching many people who find themselves in less than desirable circumstances in their marriages and/or partnerships – wondering how they got there ( at one time myself included) – I discovered this is a pretty common scenario.

The divorce rate in America is 40-50% for first timers and even higher for those giving it another go. So many couples unknowingly make mistakes that lead to the dissolution of love.
Are you making a relationship mistake that will lead to divorce?

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