Sex and the City 2

Have you seen it yet?  You must, you MUST, YOU MUST!!  The fabulous four together again exploring the meaning of lasting love, soul sister bonds, and sexy adventures in the veiled land of Abu-Dhabi!

Yes I’m talking about Sex and the City 2. My dear friend Patti and I had been excitedly waiting for this movie to hit the silver screen and when it did we ran to be first in line on opening day…

Fashion, fun, gorgeous guys and lots of laughter – we loved it!

I especially loved Carrie’s awareness that even though she got the man of her dreams (Big), lived in a swanky NY apartment and had an enviable career after a few years of marriage her relationship was a little lack luster and needed to get its “SPARKLE” back. Hey, if Carrie and Big can lose their passion, anybody can!

Carrie kept looking for external excitement to bring her fulfillment in her relationship – to fill her up.  By the end of the movie she discovered the truth – appreciation, love, trust, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, respect for herself and her man bring back the sparkle to life.

This so spoke to our community of dazzling women – the importance of consciously creating authentic soul-to-soul connection on a consistent basis.

Also close to my heart and our sisterhood was the message that we need our girlfriends, whether single or married – our friends are the greatest support system we’ll ever know and a complete joy.

So do yourself a favor, grab your favorite gal pal(s) and treat yourself to this wonderful woman’s movie… let me know how YOU like it!