4 Ways You Can Deal with Emotional Triggers

I’m in the midst of selling my Dad’s house right now, so lately I’m spending a lot of time working with my agent while she works on selling the house. It’s been a bit hectic, and a bit stressful.

No problem baby! I got this!

That’s what I tell myself because I tend to roll with the punches and adapt pretty easily. But, what got me thinking, and wanting to share with you is that my agent who’s selling the house unexpectedly triggered me.

She had sold my siblings and I into this strategy for selling the house and it didn’t go as she had said. I have a pet peeve about people promising something and then it not happening OR changing the story to match the result. Mama Mia!

So when this happened, I was totally triggered and I felt angry and tricked somehow. But as I was getting super ticked off, I remembered to STEP BACK, and take a breath. I asked myself – How come I reacted that way?

Why am I getting triggered?

Huge lessons to be learned here, keep reading!!

Remember what we learned last week? We learned about having an attitude of Charisma, and that living with an attitude of charisma means always coming from the light.

Well this all ties in.

Triggers take you away from your light, they drag you back into your old patterns, your old ways of dealing with things, and they automatically disconnect you and make you close up. You go right into isolation. Bye bye sparkles and joy!

Exactly what we don’t want!

When you get triggered, and girl, trust me you will… I want you to ask yourself…

What do you want to project to the world? How are you going to let your beautiful light shine? What is the bigger picture?

Leading Lady Tip: Master Your Attitude, Master Your Charisma

Here’s what works when you are feeling triggered, step by step.

1. Is it true? You want to step back – check in with yourself and ask, is it really true? Whatever that person might be saying remember they have their own perspective based on their own experiences. In this case I had to ask myself did the broker try to pull a fast one on us just to get the listing and the honest answer was no. She did have multiple successes with her strategy…in other neighborhoods. It’s not that she tried to trick me, it’s that her tried and true strategy didn’t work in my dad’s neighborhood. I was able to let it go and appreciate her efforts.

Another scenario with “Is it true” is that the person may be projecting onto you their stuff – so sit with it and see if it feels true. If it doesn’t let it go. On the other hand, if it’s true, own up, learn from the experience and be thankful that you were given this gift of growth. Every time you heal a part of your life, that part moves into a charismatic place. Hallelujah baby!!

2. Get curious: Be a detective, get as detached as possible and look for clues! Triggers are often mirrors for beliefs or ways of being that need healing in us. If you can look at it unemotionally you will be amazed at the insight you can gain and the powerful healing that will happen. You are unraveling the emotions that are blocking your beautiful essence.

3. How do you want to show up? Stay focused on how you want to show up in this world, and your commitment to coming from a place of light, of living a life with sparkle and authenticity and that will always keep you connected to who you want to be – it’s a choice.

4. Is it necessary? If our goal is to always being staying in that charismatic place then is going off course going to deliver you where you want to go? Easy answer – No.

The next time you get triggered, take that deep breath, and let it out … Ahhhhhhhhh, and remember that how you react to it is how you are choosing to show up in the world, the choice is always yours!