3 Tips to Happily Ever After


I recently returned from a business building event in Tahoe with my mentor Mary Morrissey (in pic above we are heading to a fun dinner on the lake after a long day of ninja strategizing/planning).

The theme of the week was  “what would you love?” A simple question, right? 

You can take this query into every aspect of your life…so take a minute and ask yourself, “What would I love?

The truth is if we aren’t focused on this precious question daily the undertow of “life” pulls us into a routine, Ground Hog’s day existence.

Over the course of the week I had the opportunity to interact with several people in regard to this question and just about everyone, whether single or married, declared a desire to be in a deeply connected, loving relationship.

It made me think of you. In the Sparkle community many have shared with me a similar burning desire. So let’s talk about the key to happily ever after – it can be found in these three secrets: