3 Sizzling Romantic Ideas To Heat Up Your Sex Life!

Try out one of these tips for a hot night!
Are you interested in a hot, passionate love life but find yourself stuck in a romantic rut? If so, look no further because these steamy romantic ideas will make your love life sizzle.

Romance should be fun and nothing is more fun than an exciting adventure shared between lovers. Below you’ll find abbreviated versions of three Romance-capades from my book, Sexy and Sparkling. Choose one and get your sensual self in action!

Romantic idea #3 Meet me at the Kasbah. Step into Moroccan romance by transforming your den with earthy pillows, candlelight and a feast fit for a king. Slip into a sexy belly-dancing costume and greet your love at the door with some sensual shimmy shaking.

“Recipe for romance” essentials
• 1 belly dancer ensemble.
• 2-4 Moroccan tea lights.
• 3 richly colored pillows 1 magic carpet.
• 1 Aladdin’s lamp.

Watch Rita Hayworth’s YouTube clip and learn the dance of the seven veils. Let your vivacious vixen out! Write an invitation, “Meet me at the Kasbah. Your wish is my command. Xoxo Your Private Genie.” Stuff it in Aladdin’s lamp and send to his office.

Here’s how to set the mood for romance:
• Lighting: Dim, lots of candlelight.
• Music: Moroccan.
• Tease: Dance of the seven veils.

Wardrobe ideas: belly dancer outfit.

Beverage: Moroccan Mary.
Appetizers: Casablanca spiced lamb skewers with tabbouleh & artesian olives.

Put your big girl panties on and go for the gusto! Invite your man into the palace den for an exotic ride on your magic carpet, three juicy wishes and a mesmerizing dance of the seven veils!

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*All recipes found at www.SexyandSparkling.com.