The 3 Bali Principles for Happiness

While being in Bali the last few weeks I’ve learned something significant I want to share with you because it will make a huge difference in your life.

It’ s the secret to your personal well-being and overall happiness.

It’s the key to living a life full of love instead of sadness, frustration and disappointment.

Can you imagine living in consistent peace and joy? Wouldn’t you love it?? Seriously how amazing would that be?  I’m talking every moment of every day, not just sometimes. Think about what a light you would be for others and how much more productive you would be if you were able to hold this state.  Wow. It would be beyond awesome, right?

Well the people of Bali seem to have mastered this with ease and grace. They are beaming with peace and love and it’s genuine-it’s radiating from their eyes. Just being in their presence and energy makes you feel good. I thought wow I want to know what brings them this joy- what do they do to reach this enviable place of being all the time.

So I asked three lovely ladies what makes them and the people of Bali so happy and they instantly told me the secret- it’s the three principles of Balinese life.

They call it Tri Hita Karana:

  1. Have a good relationship with God – start your day with gratitude in prayer for 5 to 10 minutes. Although they have very little materially they have so much gratitude for what they do have and they make sure to thank God for this continuously. They are grateful for everything! And consequently they live a life full and rich with love.
  2. Have a good relationship with others. They stay in touch with their friends and family and community and have a special way of greeting each other. They say “Om swastiosu” which means I pray for your health and happiness and that you be blessed by God. As they say this they put their hands in prayer position in front of their heart and they look directly into the eyes of the other person.
  3. Have a good relationship with nature. Here in Bali the Banyan tree is a sacred tree and whenever they pass one they honk and they acknowledge the sacredness of the tree with a sincere heart and ask for protection. They spend time in nature daily in respect and gratitude. They recognize there is another world beyond the physical world we are living and they look to balance it through connection to it every day.

Pretty simple right? I personally am taking this home with me. As I pack and get ready to fly home today I leave with this beautiful truth in my heart and these beautiful people in my memory.

I challenge you to join me in adopting this three step Balinese practice and let me know what happens in your life. Try it on for a week and see how you feel my guess is you’ll start to experience a lot more peace.