12 Ways to Feel Irresistible Without Losing Weight!

Put down the celery and strap on some stilettos!

Fortunately, sex appeal isn’t all about weight. Ladies here’s an article Your Tango asked me and a few other experts to contribute to giving suggestions about how you can feel irresistible at any dress size, and here’s what we had to say:

1) Wear your best color. The right color for you makes you look vibrant, happy and beautiful. It might not be your favorite color, so find out by standing in front of a mirror and holding different fabrics near your face. Then, you will see stunning effects! When in doubt, trust the Chinese medicine tradition: pinks, reds and oranges regulate joy and harmony.

2) Follow your passion. Nothing is more irresistible than someone who believes strongly in a worthy cause and devotes her time and energy to it. If you love animals, check out your local animal shelter for volunteer opportunities, or, if your passion is to help those in need, spend a few hours per week at a local soup kitchen. Your sense of fulfillment is a vehicle for personal growth that will also up your level of irresistibility.

3) Be interested. Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Take the advice of Dale Carnegie and get into the habit of being on the receiving end by developing your listening skills and showing a genuine curiosity in what your partner has to say. When they trust that they’ll be heard, understood, supported and maybe even challenged by your questions, they’ll naturally want to spend time in your company.

4) Make no excuses. Accept who you are, as you are. Whether or not you hope or plan to lose weight, this is where you are right now in your life. If you want to live feeling whole, empowered and fulfilled, then you need to focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want, or don’t have or wish was different. Focus only on that which you can do, and then whether or not what you are doing is moving you in a positive direction. A positive, clear outlook on yourself and your life will do more toward making you attractive than any diet.

5) Be playful.
Opening up to playfulness frees the creative expression of your soul and brings to life your charisma, magnetic charm and vibrancy. Unleashing your fun, feminine spirit gives you that glow that money can’t buy, making your attraction factor larger than life!

6) Get out and move. Besides burning calories, getting out in nature for a hike or a walk in your neighborhood will increase your heart rate and blood flow which will give your skin a rosy hue and improve your mood. Nobody can resist a bright smile backed by a glowing complexion and positive energy!
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