#1 Tip for a Successful Relationship

After interviewing Mishael Patton, author of Love Heals Hearts, about what it takes to make a relationship juicy, delicious and rock solid the answer was pretty darn clear. It’s simple, but not always easy. It involves respect, neutrality, patience, open mindedness and an open heart – are you ready? The #1 tip for a fabu partnership is communication! And she should know after 18 years of wedded bliss.

And I can just hear you now – nodding your head and saying, yes I know that, tell me something new. But I think that’s the red herring in the ointment – looking for some magical concept as a quick fix. The reality is if we speak from our heart, consider the other person, give up blaming and shaming, honor and respect our man, own our issues that may be interfering with the smooth sailing of the relationship we have a shot at a very fulfilling, win-win, mature coupling.

But, if you are not a good communicator it will take a bit of effort initially till you build the muscle and make it a habit…albeit the most rewarding work you will do if you crave a connected, intimate relationship. It means being in the mindset of giving rather than getting, approaching things as “we” rather than “me” – letting go of the need to be right, and saying sayonara to the power struggle.

It’s my experience coming from your heart is the key – it’s a small shift with HUGE rewards – when you let your guy know where you are coming from, the feeling that’s tied into it – when he FEELS you, he will want to join you…it really is that simple…so be brave, be positive, step up to the plate and take the love lead…go on, give it a try..you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!