#1 Secret to Avoiding Fear Forever

There is love…and there is fear. That’s it – those are the only two emotions. You may call it something different like sadness, loneliness, or depression but if you look closer those love bandits fall under fear.

If you want to live with gusto you’ll need to be consciously and consistently kicking fear to the side. That’s the way you will reclaim your power to live out your heartfelt dreams and desires. And the truth is, You Can Do This!

You might be asking, how?


It’s about embracing life – living from your heart instead of your head and loving more! It’s about expressing your beautiful unique essence to the world – sharing your smiles, offering kindness and compassion to everyone, from the homeless to your loved ones, with a cheerful “not-attached-to–the-outcome” heart.

So how do we get there?

You have a good start! This month you’ve been diving into forgiveness and gratitude so your heart has been healing and opening and primed for more love.

Good for you! This is crucial because wow oh wow when you are happy and full of pure love you’re vibrating at such a high level it can be felt by others without you saying a word. Yes, indeedy, traveling at lightning speed our thoughts and feelings impact the world and every single being in it – it’s a juicy force!

When you embrace life, you’re not only blessing your loved ones and the planet, you are honoring your soul by expressing who you are in the fullest, most complete way. Plus it’s impossible for fear to co-exist with love. Remember, it’s either love or fear. So when you are swimming in the pool of love you have zero fear. Huge win wouldn’t you agree?

This alignment puts you in harmony with all that you desire and feels like you’re riding on the coat tails of God’s good. Easier said than done you might be thinking.

But what if it was EASY?

Try this on…it’s easy and blissful:

Love Your Life Exercise:

  1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed
  2. Bring to mind, as far back as you can remember, all the people who have touched your heart, shown you kindness, been there for you.
  3. FEEL the gift each person has been to you in your life.
  4. Visualize a stream of sparkling pink loving energy flowing to each person.
  5. In your mind, silently thank them.
  6. Give yourself a big hug acknowledging how blessed you are
  7. Rinse and repeat every morning

You’ve now dropped down into your heart and connected to love. From this high vibration place take an action step that moves you towards your vision and expect the best. Let this beautiful energy flow out – you are magnetic and will draw to you delightful opportunities, people and projects. Look at you, you are fully embracing life!!! Feels sooooo good, doesn’t it?

Start your day with this feel good practice and you will be setting yourself up for an exciting, sumptuous life adventure full of love and happiness every day! Yeah baby!!!