#1 Limiting Belief of Women Over 40 – do you have this?

This time of year can bring up lots of stuff and leave you thinking reflectively or reactively about your significance to others in your life.

Do you fnd yourself questioning your worth?

If so, know that you are not alone. In my transformative work with women, a recurring theme emerges – the struggle with the belief of not being good enough.

It deeply saddens me to witness so many incredible women navigating life with a profound sense of inadequacy, as if their authentic selves are not truly enough!

The truth is, each of us is a masterpiece, intricately and wonderfully designed. God crafted us to be uniquely special, and the sooner we embrace this truth at the core of our being, the sooner we can bask in the boundless love and joy meant for us!

Today, let’s explore the roots of this “not enough” belief and uncover its manifestations in your life.

Identifying Subtle, Yet Impactful Habits

When a woman feels inadequate, this belief may manifest in seemingly trivial ways. Whether it’s struggling with a consistent sleep routine, neglecting nourishing food, or choosing relationships that lack appreciation and respect, these subtle habits often trace back to the core belief of not being good enough.

Are there habits in your life that might be rooted in this belief?

Sometimes, women attempt to prove their worth by overextending themselves, giving excessively, or engaging in behaviors that, on the surface, seem innocent but come with hidden strings attached.

In my coaching sessions, discovering and acknowledging such patterns becomes a catalyst for conversations around personal value. Recognizing mistreatment becomes an opportunity to transform and nurture self-love, prompting a positive shift in one’s inner perception.

You Deserve and are Worthy of Love!

Every being is worthy of love, including you! I encourage you to take time for some empowering  self-reflection and noodle the following questions:

1.     Is there an area of my life where I feel depleted, exhausted, or not receiving what I need?

2.     How would it feel to take a truly loving action for myself in this area today?

3.     Am I willing to take that step?

I hope your answer to #3 is a resounding yes!!!  If you’re wondering how to cultivate actions rooted in self-love, consider getting ample sleep, enjoying a nourishing lunch, or setting boundaries that honor your well-being.

As you begin to value and respect yourself, you’ll witness a beautiful transformation in your relationships – those who truly appreciate you will thrive alongside you, while others may gracefully fade away…and that’s a very good thing!!

Sparkling love,