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You are stronger than you may believe in this moment.
I've been there. Allow me to take your hand and lead you down the Path of healing the hurt of betrayal.

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  • Experienced devastating betrayal by someone you trusted?
  • Ever felt powerless & embarrassed, wondering how this could happen?
  • Felt confident professionally yet crushed romantically?
  • Lost your footing and felt like you are going through this alone?

If so, you’re in the EXACT place you’re meant to be.

I am certain I can help you discover and own the confident, joyful, vibrantly alive woman you truly are.

Hi, I’m Sherri Nickols, and I’m on a mission to help women create the Magnificent Life they both desire and are worthy of, by connecting with Divine Love and Guidance.

I believe we are never alone. There is Divine Support, Wisdom, and Abundance whenever we want it… All we have to do is Align with it.

My intention is to encourage and support you through a variety of transformational tools and practical solutions designed to guide you on your Healing Journey, and to help create a Vision in alignment with the life you would love living.

If this sounds good to you, you’ll LOVE what comes next…

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The Divine Healing FB Group is a place for women to discover Courage and Strength after betrayal.


Our FREE Facebook Group offers support to successful women focused on finding happiness after experiencing betrayal.

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“Come home to the TRUTH, where you will be blessed with great joy, love, and miracles.” - Sherri Nickols

Hi, I'm Sherri

I help women become
the best versions
of themselves
to live their best lives.

As Founder & CEO of The Divine Love Institute, it is my mission to help successful professional women who have experienced betrayal find their happiness again, by coming home to who they truly are.

  • Award-winning author (Sexy and Sparkling After 40 – Living Now Book Awards Gold Medal Winner)
  • Sought after motivational speaker for groups such as The National Teachers Association of Liberia + Women.
  • Certified Transformational Relationship Coach
  • Certified DreamBuilder Coach
  • Certified Sound Healer
  • PSYCH-K advanced facilitator
  • Holy Love Reiki Master
  • Travel writer with articles based on wineries in Napa, beach resorts in Laguna, fun adventures in Cabo San Lucas
  • Living my best life with accomplished bucket list adventures including hiking Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, Peaking on Machu Picchu, running half marathons and mud runs, and meditating in the King’s Chamber in the Grand Pyramid.

Client Wins & Praise

Testimonials from some of the amazing women I work with...
"Working with Sherri was powerful and illuminating. While going through the break-up of my marriage, I found myself ruminating on the relationship. I needed help moving on and found that with Sherri. She has a unique approach unlike anything else I've tried. Over a short time, she helped me tremendously by creating a 'customized' approach to my experiences. I was surprised at how effective it was and I recommend her to anyone seeking more joy, peace, & acceptance."
"When I started, my life was a mess. I had doubts that Sherri's techniques would work, but I had tried everything else with no success... So, feeling that I was out of options, I took a chance. Now, I am excited about my life for the first time. Sherri listened to me and tailored the techniques and tools to fit me and the way that I naturally work. She gave me tools that I can use to fix problems and gain the results that I want for myself. I am empowered and capable of taking on life's challenges."
"Sherri's coaching & tools are PHENOMENAL! I came to the group coaching course because my life (especially my love life) had been lived mostly in my head. This was causing my marriage to crash, my relationships to be distant, & my life’s passion to stay beyond my reach. After taking Sherri’s course + 3 coaching sessions, I am living a more fun-filled life while taking steps to be my best self & live my life's purpose. I heartily recommend Sherri’s services to all of my friends that seek to live life fully!
"Working with Sherri has been a wonder! I discovered Sherri when I noticed the change in my friend's outlook on life. My friend just seemed lighter, clearer and more free. Since I was struggling with resistance in my own life, I thought I'd give it a try. I am so happy I did. Sherri has a way of finding those places in the heart that need attention. I was amazed at the amount of work I was able to do in such a short period of time. I am grateful to Sherri and I highly recommend her."

Book Sherri to Speak

Sherri has had the pleasure of sharing her Transformational Message around the world speaking on topics such as:

  • Divine Love & Faith
  • Path & Purpose
  • Healing the Heart
  • Self Love through Forgiveness
  • Divine Life Design

Download My Award-Winning Book for FREE

Living Well Book Awards Gold Medal Winner Sexy and Sparkling After 40

This Book Will Teach You How To:

✔ Increase confidence

✔ Improve self-esteem

✔ Connect with your feminine power

✔ Awaken sensuality

✔ Repattern limiting beliefs/behaviors

✔ Communicate from the heart

✔ Find joy in your life

✔ Reclaim your playful, sexy spirit

✔ Bring balance & peace to your life

✔ Create fun, romantic adventures

✔ Design your most magnificent life!

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Book Reviews

patrick snow testimonial image
"Sherri has walked the path she lays out before you. With honesty, humor and courageous self-disclosure, she guides you through her step-by-step process so that you never have to feel alone or unsupported. Sherri shows you that living the life of your dreams begins with a heroine’s inward journey towards finding and reclaiming your power.”
Patrick Snow
International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur
katherine woodward thomas
“Sherri Nickols has written a book that will inspire you to turn up your light and step up your game. A delightful read . . . juicy and joyful!”
Katherine Woodward Thomas
Author of Calling in “The One” and co-founder of the Feminine Power Global Community
melanie gorman
“When it comes to explaining why the sparkle leaves modern marriages, Sherri has her finger on the pulse of one very important piece: the diminishing and devaluation of the feminine spirit. Sherri expertly shows women how to reignite her feminine energy and connect with her true “inner sparkle” to create the life and love she’s yearning for"
Melanie Gorman
Sr. VP Your Tango Experts

Online Courses

It all starts with a first step.

Learn more about some of my INSTANT ACCESS online courses by clicking the links.

All of these courses were created through inspired Divine Love and guided by God to help you heal the hurt caused by betrayal, and to help get you back on the road to your TRUE self again.

Want Personal Coaching?

Let's chat and see if my 1:1 or group programs are a better fit for your healing.

Cracking the Man Code
If you're tired of trying to figure men out, this enlightening and informative training will give you the 6 1/2 secrets to man's mind and heart, empowering you to create a more deeply connected and loving relationship.
Heal Your Heart
The only step-by-step system proven to help you heal your heart so you can feel safe to trust and love again, and be able to have that love-filled life you long for (even after soul-shattering heartbreak).
Standing Firm
Standing firm when your world is shaking is incredibly hard to do. This INSTANT ACCESS course is designed to support you when you need it most. It includes life-shifting Transformational tools to help you heal.
Surviving Betrayal
This 5-day challenge includes 10-minute videos + daily practices designed to quickly and effectively get you on the road to healing after experiencing betrayal.

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This meditation is your solution to feel calm, centered, and balanced, so you can easily make decisions from a place of empowerment.

Enter your email toGet Your Free Meditation Now!

When you connect to your Diamond Power you will find your strength, courage and confidence.

This meditation is your solution to feel calm, centered, and balanced, so you can easily make decisions from a place of empowerment.